So this week (and I going to be away until next Friday, so you do have a whole week to do this) let turn this thing around. In a good way. Maybe you have your mom take a picture of you in your new swimsuit, the one that shows that you actually have some curves now.

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Uphill: Commercialism runs rampart. The hearty church basement diners are a thing of the past. Who wants a plate of Ragu spaghetti, a small cup of cole slaw and a piece of Italian bread for ten bucks? The best meals I had for the week were a Hy Vee buffet and a UNI cafeteria feast in Ames.

That didn work, it all just came back to us anyway. We can say no.Now, because of law suits and tragedies we are expected to do even more in this belief that we can prevent tragedy if we just did our job right. Excuse me, if caseworkers just did their job right.

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